The One and Only – Questions Pt. 2

Welcome to part two! Thank you so much for participating in the first round of questions – I was pleasantly surprised at how many responses I got. Please feel free to add questions to your discussion answers on this post and the next! That being said, the next round of questions (since I’m late on this one, oops!) will be up mid-week next week. I already finished the whole book while on the plane so I’m gearing up for the next one!

Notable Quotes
“Dont’ be fooled. The best things in life only seem simple.” Chapter 18

“That’s what winners do. They make things go down like they want them to go down.” Chapter 20

“You know in your heart when you’re doing the right thing and when you’re not. And you just have to do everything you can to stay on course.” Chapter 20

“So much of how we see the world is a matter of interpretation. A matter of wishing and wanting and hoping rather than really deep-down believing.” Chapter 23

Discussion Questions
1. Shea finally admits to being in love with Coach Carr. Did you see it coming? If so, were you hoping you were wrong?

2. A big confession comes out of Blakeslee about Ryan’s personality, although Ryan seems to forewarn Shea she may be hearing about it. Who do you believe? Could Ryan be capable of hurting Shea? Is Blakeslee really trying to help?

3. That cat is out of the bag. Coach and Shea both have feelings for each other and they admit it out loud. Do you think people are catching on? Who? Miller, Lucy, Ryan?

4. What do you think will happen with Ryan and Shea? Is this the last straw for Ryan or will he forgive her after the loss?

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  1. Mali Trueblood July 21, 2014

    1. I absolutely saw this coming, and dreaded it all the while. Every time Giffin described Shea’s heart fluttering, I was like, wait, what? No, ew. There are just so many things wrong with this relationship, I could go on forever.

    2. Blakeslee isn’t portrayed as a trustworthy character, but it is clear from Ryan’s father’s performance at the game that a hot temper runs in the family. I believe she could be honest in her warning to Shea. Ryan’s text messages and calls is also questionable. It seems he could go from caring to controlling easily.

    3. Lucy has definitely sensed Shea’s attraction to her father before, when Shea has had to play it off like it’s a strictly platonic mentorship. As for Miller and Ryan, eh. I don’t know. I don’t think Ryan has been around the two of them enough to know, and as Giffin strongly portrays, Miller is a bit of an idiot.

    4. Pleading the fifth!

  2. Hannah Larson July 22, 2014

    1. I saw this coming from the first chapter and since that was Mrs. Carr’s funeral, I was hoping I would be wrong. I think these feelings are so wrong and inappropriate and I just could not get behind any relationship in this book.

    2. It seems like Ryan acts the same way as any other controlling, jealous, and possibly abusive boyfriend would in the beginning.

    3. Miller is definitely catching on, but I don’t see why Ryan would have any idea. I feel like most women in Lucy’s position might sense something is going on, but hope that it’s just Shea looking up to her dad as a father figure/mentor/hero.

    4. Ryan’s behavior, in my opinion, was completely out of line and kind of goes along with #2. But I know what happened because I already finished the book.

    Honestly, this book really bummed me out. I thought Shea was completely two-dimensional. The only thing we knew about her is that she loves football and not even many guys who grow up around football are that obsessed and that incapable of talking about anything else, especially when asked not to. Well, maybe that’s not true, but I don’t understand why Shea can’t stop talking about football when her best friend says to cool it with the football talk. That just seems so childish and immature. I didn’t find myself rooting for Shea individually or in any of the relationships she had throughout the book. I thought the stuff between Shea and Coach Carr was beyond inappropriate and disturbing and I honestly felt like it was Giffin’s worst writing and worst story yet. She clearly doesn’t know a whole lot about college football and, at times, it almost just seemed like her platform to bitch about the NCAA since she’s such a big college basketball fan. But as a life long college football fan, I thought the thank you to her hubby for his football knowledge at the end was a little silly because I kept thinking the entire time that Giffin clearly knows nothing about football and didn’t have anyone to talk to in order to make her book sound natural and realistic. I truly wanted to like this book because I’ve loved her previous six books, but I just could not get into it at all. Giffin’s storytelling is much stronger when she’s in a setting she knows a lot about. She should stick to NYC or London, or maybe even Atlanta, where she lives now. She just seemed to create this exaggerated, stereotypical caricature of what football fans in Texas are like. It was a bummer.

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