The Good Girl Reading Schedule

It’s almost book season. Book season?? It’s always book season. But really, I read much more in the summer when I’m either out by the pool, the beach or just sitting in my hammock. I’ve been reading since we halted Blogger Book Club last fall, but now I want back in to discussions and reading even more!

So who’s with me? For the first 3 weeks of May, we’ll be reading The Good Girl by Mary Kubica. The book is not broken into numbered chapters, so this may get difficult but the reading schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, May 6: Part 1 to Chapter: Colin Before, Starting with “I tell her we’re going outside.”
Wednesday, May 13: Part 2 to Chapter: Colin Before, Starting with “It’s called an Alberta clipper.”
Wednesday, May 20: Part 3 to the end of the book.

Questions will be posted at the end of the reading period (new format!). As always, if you’re reading and participating, use the hashtag #BloggerBookClub to have your pictures featured on the blog!

Questions? Leave them below!


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  2. Danyell Bailey May 12, 2015

    Hey! I’ve been a member for awhile, but just recently changed my blog. My name is listed on the sidebar with a link to my old blog–is there any way we could change it to “danyell b. | danyell bailey’s blog”

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