The Good Girl Final Questions [SPOILERS]

image via @misspinklovebird

1. Early on, Colin Thatcher is described as a tough criminal acting out a kidnapping for his own financial benefit. What would make him change his mind and save Mia?

2. Mia is described as many things: devoted teacher, neglected daughter, rebellious daughter, kidnapped victim and more. Who do you really think she is? Is she crazy?

3. It’s suggested that Mia developed Stockholm Syndrome after being held captive. Do you believe this to be true?

4. SPOILER: In the epilogue, we find out Mia staged her whole abduction. Does this mean she also faked amnesia? Is she psychotic? How much of what she says can be trusted?

5. In the end, who do you think is the real victim in the story? What opinions of yours changed throughout the story?

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  1. Mali Trueblood June 2, 2015

    Sorry I had to sit this book out! The end of the school year was a bit crazy for me. Can’t wait for the next book!

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