The Cuckoo’s Calling – Questions Pt. 1

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Notable Quotes
“For this to happen today, of all days! It felt like a wink from God (and this too she somehow connected with the magic of the day; with Matthew, and the ring; even though, properly considered, they had no connection at all).” Part One, Chapter One

“He knew more about the death of Lula Landry than he had ever meant or wanted to know; the same would be true of virtually any sentient being in Britain. Bombarded with the story, you grew interested against your will, and before you knew it, you were so well informed, so opinionated about the facts of the case, you would have been unfit to sit on a jury.” Part One, Chapter Two

“Seven and a half million hearts were beating in close proximity in this heaving old city, and many, after all, would be aching far worse than his.” Part One, Chapter Seven

“But they had already tried, again and again and again, and always, when the first crashing wave of mutual longing subsided, the ugly wreck of the past lay revealed again, its shadow lying darkly over everything they tried to rebuild.” Part Two, Chapter Four

“You want your civil liberties when you’ve told the missus you’re at the office and you’re at a lap-dancing club, but you want twenty-four-hour surveillance on your house when someone’s trying to force your bathroom window open. Can’t have it both ways.” Part Two, Chapter Ten

“A lie would have no sense unless the truth were felt as dangerous.” Part Two, Chapter Eleven

1. What is your opinion of Cormoran Strike? Why do you think he’s so passionate about investigation and being a detective?

2. Lula’s brother John Bristow seems to be extremely sure that Lula did not commit suicide. Is he just hoping she was not depressed or do you think she was pushed?

3. Cormoran is receiving tons of death threats. What do you think the significance of this is? Will this play out in some way in the rest of the book?

4. We are introduced to Robin’s fiance Matthew. What is your opinion on him? Is this quote a metaphor: “There was, she noticed, a fragment of frozen pea caught in the setting of her engagement ring.”

5. Mrs. Bestigui seems 100% sure that her story is true. But is she just a good liar? Is this case the reason for her divorce?

FIRST THIRD UPDATE: Who’s your #1 suspect?

Mr. Bestigui, Duffield, Mrs. Bestigui, John Bristow, Rochelle, Deeby Macc, The Runner,  Kieran Kolovas-Jones (Driver), Wilson (Concierge/Security at the Flat)?