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I am excited to introduce you guys to our very first Member Spotlight feature! Mali has been such an awesome book club member so far. She has participated in discussions, submitted recommendations (our current book!) and spread the word about the club. Thank you Mali for being a great member!

Mali Trueblood at Mostly Midwestern Blog

Mali Trueblood
Mostly Midwestern | Twitter | Instagram

Bio: I’m an Information Systems student at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and a part-time IT intern with a serious passion for fashion. I recently adopted a 3-year-old puppy, Otis (who may or may not have his own Instagram account…), and I’m in a long-distance relationship with my wonderful boyfriend, Sam. I currently reside in Wisconsin, but plan to move to Florida after graduation, where Sam lives. On top of that, I was born in Illinois, explaining my self-proclaimed Mostly Midwestern-ness! I enjoy a delicious cup of coffee (welcome back PSL’s!), a good laugh, and a successful trip to the mall.

Favorite Book: I have the hardest time deciding on one favorite book, but I really enjoyed “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?”

Favorite Author: I struggle with this question too, but I consistently enjoy Jodi Picoult and Nicholas Sparks.

Favorite Childhood Book: Umbrella Parade

Favorite Genre: Beach reads laced with romance (is that a genre?)! Books that I can easily pick up where I left off fit best with my on-the-go lifestyle.

Favorite Place to Read: This summer I spent a lot of time outside in my hammock reading (while simultaneously working on my tan…), but I will always love curling up on the couch to read on a rainy day.

E-Reader or Real Book: Until recently, I’ve been a real book kinda girl. Even though I’m in the IT field, I consider myself somewhat old-school – I still stay organized with a planner, I still take notes in a notebook, I still have a journal, etc. But I recently spontaneously invested in an iPad Mini, and now I’m all about eBooks! It’s easier for me to carry around, allows me to read multiple books and mags at once, and keeps my hoarding at bay. (Seriously, I have the entire Gossip Girl series at home on my shelf. I can’t get rid of them!)

What’s the next book on your reading wishlist? The list goes on and on, but I have Mindy Kaling’s “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” in my queue. I’m a big Mindy fan, so I’m a little ashamed to admit I haven’t read it yet! I’m also dying to read the White Girl Problems series.

Have you always been a bookworm? Absolutely! I learned to read before I went to kindergarten, and I’d read any book I could get my hands on. When I went to college, my love for reading fell by the wayside (something some of you may have already read about on my blog), but the Blogger Book Club has allowed me to pick it back up, and it keeps me accountable! Yay!

Do you like books turned into movies? What is your favorite adaptation? Usually! I like to read the book first so I can compare it to the movie (which is why I haven’t yet seen Divergent… #procrastinator). I’m not a huge movie critic by any means, and I find that movies stemmed from books generally have more depth than other movies.

Can you listen to music while you read? I can’t! I have enough trouble getting lost in thought as I read, forcing me to restart at the spot where I wandered off. Read now, jam out in the car later!

How quickly do you finish a book? It really depends on my interest in the book. If I’m really into it, I’ll finish it in a couple of days. If it’s harder for me to get into, it takes a bit longer. However, I really try to stick to the book club schedule! It’s hard for me to participate in discussions without unintentionally spoiling the end if I read ahead.

Library Borrower or Book Buyer: Buyer, since I’m an E-Reader kinda girl.

Favorite Series: I’m going to have to go with Gossip Girl… I know, sort of embarrassing, but I’ve read and re-read the series, as well as the spin-offs (which I also own in their entirety), and I love the show.

First Book Ever Read: I consulted my mom, and we think it was Barn Party. I loved it so much I recopied the entire thing (illustrations and all!) and claimed I had written it! Good thing 5-year-olds can’t really be found guilty of copyright infringement…




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