Friendship by Emily Gould – Reading Schedule

Our next book is… Friendship by Emily Gould!

Friendship by Emily GouldI’m super excited to read this book! I found it at my local Barnes & Noble but had to ask someone for help because they were sold out off the shelf! It is a New Arrival, so if you don’t see it around your store, then definitely ask someone to find it in the back.

Reading Schedule
August 1: Read Chapters 1-13, Pt. 1 Questions Posted Today
August 8: Read Chapters 14-27, Pt. 2 Questions Posted Today
August 15: Read Chapters 28-45, Pt. 3 Questions Posted Today

This book is fairly shorter than the last one, so we will see how this schedule goes. Maybe I’ll be able to stick to it this time… no I will! ­čÖé I’m super excited for this book! Thank you everyone for particpating! While you read, feel free to tag me on Twitter or Insta (@rachelregal_) and use the hashtag #bloggerbookclub!