Friendship by Emily Gould – Questions Pt. 2

Sorry this is so late… moving really takes more time than expected! Final questions will be posted Thursday, August 21st and Monday, August 18th will begin the new poll for the next book. I’m really hoping we can start reading a book that lots of people can get into so be sure to vote! ALSO, take a photo of you reading your Blogger Book Club book (then tag me @rachelregal_ and use the hashtag #bloggerbookclub) and you might be the featured image for a question post!

Notable Quotes
“How could a destitute homeless person be in possession of a Comme des Garçons wallet, a pair of Worishofer sandals, a fridge with Moroccan oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes in it— all these accoutrements of bourgeois stability, but none of the actual stability itself?” Chapter 18

“Because couples were what society wanted, what it was built for. But maybe they hadn’t been moving toward anything, maybe they had simply been coasting on inertia.” Chapter 19

“Getting incrementally better at something you had zero interest in doing made Bev feel as if she were back in high school.” Chapter 21

“Amy’s impression of God was more or less that God was a reasonable guy/ gal, a very wise yoga instructor type, who knew that you had done and thought some heinous stuff but didn’t take it personally. Or maybe there was no God, no personified intelligence, but it was still important to have some internal moral code that you would be rewarded for sticking to. Doing unto others.” Chapter 27

1. Well, Bev is pregnant. Will she go through with the abortion?

2. What do you think is the defining moment or last straw in making Amy quit her job? Her boyfriend? Bev’s pregnancy? Or really just the job itself?

3. Why do you think Bev ultimately leaves Todd instead of forgiving him after moving all the way to Wisconsin for him?

4. We finally get to see more of Sally and Jason’s “perfect” life. How is it not as perfect as it appears from the outside?

5. How do you think the talk with Sally and adopting the baby will go?

6. Will Bev follow through with the adoption? What will happen with Amy’s job?

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  1. Mali Trueblood August 19, 2014

    1. I don’t think she will. Despite the fact that she has abandoned the religion she grew up with, her religious upbringing still lies within her, and I cannot see her going through with it.

    2. In my opinion, Amy feels like she’s too good for her job. The final straw for her is when her bosses continuously critique her performance in the videos they want her to make. Many outside factors may contribute to her quitting, but ultimately we know Amy never wanted to be stuck in that role.

    3. When Bev saw Todd crying after the death of his mistress.. er, classmate.. she was happy. This obviously showed us that their relationship was not strong, even before Bev knew about the affair. Finding out Todd had cheated gave Bev the excuse she needed to get out of the relationship. I think it was in her best interest.

    4. Jason is simply married to his work. His relationship with Sally has deteriorated over the years because of it, and despite their external appearance, their marriage ended long before Sally decided it was over.

    5. I don’t think soliciting a child will be popular with Sally. She never told Bev and Amy she wanted a child, they just assumed it was the piece missing from her otherwise perfect life, which is a dangerous assumption. I know Sally is a unique woman, but I think most people would be offended at a proposition such as this one.

    6. The more I read about Bev when she is away from Amy, the more I feel she really wants to keep the child. She feels pressured by Amy to give the child up for adoption or have an abortion, but I don’t see Bev having the desire to do either. My theory is that Amy tries to control Bev’s decisions because she has the overwhelming sense that her own life is spiraling out of control, and I expect it to end disasterously.

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