Friendship by Emily Gould – Final Questions

Notable Quotes
1. “You could go to Paris and eat croissants there, probably. You could be born a sort of rich person, and then you wouldn’t be worried all the time, which would make you fun to be around. You could grow up to be nothing like me.” Chapter 31

2. “Seeing Bev would be like opening her credit card statements and really knowing, instead of just being vaguely sure, that she owed too much to ever repay.” Chapter 35

3. “Call me, text me. Be curious about what’s going on with me, not just use me to unload all your bad feelings, like I’m your therapist.” Chapter 36

4. “She loved how it [the engagement ring] gave Jackie, this totally unspecial person, a sheen of value. Because it actually meant that Jackie was valued. It was a symbol, and it was the thing it symbolized. Someone thought Jackie was worthy of wearing a little rock worth thousands of dollars.” Chapter 37

1. Are you surprised Amy has an affair with Jason? Why do you think the first thing Bev says when Amy admits to it is “Jason isn’t gay?”?

2. What is the point that Bev realizes her life and pregnancy will be okay? Seeing her former professor? The nice pregnant doctor? Running into her former classmate who is also a mom? Getting a new job?

3. When Amy leaves the flea market, do both of the girls know their friendship is over? What is the final breaking point in their friendship?

4. Will Amy go back to her job at the gossip blog? Yidster?

5. Are Bev and Amy starting fresh or do you think their friendship is tainted?

Overall, how did you like the book? Did you enjoy the ending? What would you rate it out of 5 stars? What did you like about it? What did you not like about it?